Virgin of Guadalupe: Images of Colonial Mexico

Virgin of Guadalupe: Images of Colonial Mexico

Attributed to José de Alcíbar (active between 1751 and 1806)
Exaltación del Patronato de la Virgen de Guadalupe, n.d.
Oil on copper
Colección Pérez Simón, Mexico © Arturo Piera

Location Info:

Bowers Museum
2002 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA  92706
For five hundred years she’s been object of devotion and a source of inspiration, to spiritual and secular alike, an ur-mother figure of compassion and comfort, held high by la gente, sanctified by the Catholic church, and embraced by liberationists. The Virgin of Guadalupe is a ubiquitous symbol, embraced by monarchs and humble farmworkers, tattooed and graffitied and reproduced everywhere, and in the Bowers’ magnificent show, 'Images of Colonial Mexico,' celebrated in multiple if mostly traditional forms. Naïve and fine art,it includes representations of la Virgen by esteemed and anonymous artists in stone, wood, oil and more, statuettes to huge canvases. Make the pilgrimage, but please no candles or gifts as this is a museum show and not a basilica, though the reverence and joy at being in her presence might, as it did for Juan Diego in Mexico City, be felt by visitors.
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