2016-12-20 19:30:00
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. December 20
Donations welcome

Location Info:

Location 1980
1980 Placentia Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA  92627
Every Tuesday night, shared art space Location 1980 invites yogis and yoga noobs to a donation-based yoga class that teaches meditation, aroma therapy, standard yoga, and even Thai massage for a challenging and fun yoga class in the dark, with special glow accessories provided by the instructor. Wear some bright neon colors and bring towels, water and yoga mat, as this class intends to help you rely less on watching the instructor on how to do a pose and trust to your own body as you stretch and find the chakra alignment that works best for you. Let the glow lights light the way to your enlightenment!


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