Jennifer Gunlock


Sat., Oct. 7, 5-10 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

Artists Cooperative Gallery
1330 Gladys
Long Beach, California  90804
TIMBER/TIMBRE is a project conceived of by Hilary Norcliffe, Jennifer Gunlock and Katie Stubblefield, as part of the upcoming Long Beach multisensory inaugural event PUMP with a goal of creating an interactive multisensory installation that examines trees from many different perspectives.

The three are starting with their core visual interests in trees, and grafting onto this with additional sensory experiences:
Norcliffe is interested in taking down boundaries between art and life. For TIMBER/TIMBRE, she built two large-scale (floor to ceiling) trees in the space that will incorporate tactile and acoustic components for visitors to pat and tap. Another will be constructed from wood (primarily 2x4’s) with furniture and xylophone-like elements integrated.

Gunlock has been working for a long time in a drawing/collage mixed media mode to explore and combine urban imagery with trees. For TIMBER/TIMBRE, she worked on the wall, paper and/or wood, incorporating tactile found elements such as sand paper, fabric scraps, and various urban detritus to these new 10ft trees.

Stubblefield’s work is anchored in time and landscape. For TIMBER/TIMBRE she completed two projects for the PUMP install. Her projects are based on a series of tornados that ripped through her Tennessee hometown, resulting in the loss of whole groves of old-growth, five-story tall white oak trees. In her first project Home Again she will be presented a video installation reflecting on the erratic nature of storms in the Deep South. In her second project, Canopy, she will create a series of large-scale painted, suspended ceiling pieces recalling the sky-high forest canopy. A shallow pool below one painting will reflect and repeat the piece. In addition to these, she will be exhibiting a series of wood cut print/collages based on her experiences entitled Twister.

The group hopes that people of all ages will play and contemplate in the space of TIMBER/TIMBRE. We want this multi-faceted urban forest to spark both curiosity and respect for trees: growing, felled, whispering, transforming, sheltering, supporting, flexing, and singing.


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