Tue., Oct. 24, 7:30 p.m. 2017
An unlikely box office success when it was released, 1958's The Fly is a film which examines the unintended dystopian consequences of scientific advancements. Questioning science’s treatment in the American cultural zeitgeist as a benign force, whose sole purpose was to make life inevitably better, was a radical statement in the 1950s. Scientist André Delambre is living the quintessential '50s American dream, but his scientific endeavor is to build a transporter— think original Star Trek— that he calls a disintegrator- integrator. All is going well until the technology malfunctions, turning his life upside down. One critic called it, “the most ludicrous, and certainly one of the most revolting scientific- horror films ever perpetrated” and the chance to see this cinema classic on the big screen is priceless.


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