SweepsCon 2017

doze!gfx SweepsCon 2017 - Where Winners Gather


July 27-30 2017

Location Info:

Doubletree Hotel
100 The City Dr.
Orange, CA  92868
Now is your chance to take your hobby to the next level, or learn how to making entering and winning sweepstakes your daily passion by attending one of the biggest sweepstakes conventions in the United States this year.

SweepsCon 2017 attendees will participate in a range of activities including their favorite - vying for prizes. With a maximum of 500 attendees, the odds of winning are 1 in 500 during each session. Such fantastic odds are a sweeper’s dream.

Speakers will divulge why companies run contests, learn how to avoid the hazards of online sweeping, plus new ways to enter and win, including blog and social media giveaways. Attendees can also get their sweepstaking questions answered by the experts at Q&A sessions following each presentation.

Not only are there prizes to be won, but upon arrival each registrant will receive a registration packet containing freebies and samples, coupons, and goodies donated by local, regional and national companies. There will also be a Winner’s Room. It is an expansion on the usual Vendor’s Room as there will be additional activities such as the World’s Largest Vision Board.

There is also a side to the hobby not much talked about. Many attend to see old friends and make new ones, along with learning about sweepstakes from a new perspective.

There is nothing like the exhilarating energy of a big group of contestants in one room, especially when they have a bag full of freebies and are winning prizes. There is less screaming at rock concerts!

These conventions, and all sweepstakes conventions in the United States, are run on a volunteer basis. It’s a labor of love for the sweepstakers who dedicate their time to making the event a memorable experience for all the attendees.
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