Surviving the End of the World: Interstices 2017


Thu., April 6, 7-10 p.m. 2017
This will be an interdisciplinary panel discussion on the realities, myths, and stories of disaster and apocalypse. The event will feature speakers from the arts and sciences; topics will include: how to prepare for disasters, how to survive them, and what forms are they likely to take; why are we so fascinated by this sense of an ending?; why are shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and films like ‘World War Z’ so popular and what can we learn from them? The panelists will be invited to discuss a range of disaster scenarios and how to survive them. In keeping with our theme, many of these scenarios will be drawn from cultural texts, including The Walking Dead and World War Z.

Max Brooks
Christopher D. Bader
Jeffery Bratberg
and more
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