Ronald Reagan and Philanthropy

Ronald Reagan and Philanthropy

Provided by James Rosebush Jim Rosebush, Deputy Assistant to President Reagan

Location Info:

The Center Club
650 Town Center Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA  92626
Former White House official and best-selling Reagan author Jim Rosebush has had an unparalleled window into the philanthropic sector for over four decades. Rosebush served as a senior advisor to both President Ronald Reagan (his point man on philanthropy and public/private partnerships) and First Lady Nancy Reagan (her chief of staff), and is now a wealth advisor to ultra-high-net-worth families. The upcoming Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy with Rosebush will illuminate President Reagan’s view of America as, “A Shining City on a Hill,” and how philanthropy continues to play a vital role in solving some of America’s most intractable problems.

Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy is the catalyst group that supports trusted professional advisors to engage their clients in expanding unrealized philanthropic capacity needed in our community.

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