Quantum Jumping: a Meditation for Experiencing Success

Quantum Jumping: a Meditation for Experiencing Success


Location Info:

Huntington Beach Reiki Center
3621 W MacArthur Blvd, Suite #110
Santa Ana, CA  92704
Join us on a guided hypnosis meditation to meet your Successful Parallel Self to experience the success you want and get sound advice.

Benefits of Meeting Your Successful Parallel Self:

• Increase Confidence
• Gain wisdom and insight
• Improve motivation
• Strengthen determination to succeed

Somewhere in a parallel universe there's a version of you that has already achieved the success that you wish to have. Would you like to meet this More Successful version of you and pick her/his brain? How cool would it be to experience the success with your senses? Once it's experienced in the mind, it's easier to achieve in the physical reality. Powerful!

Using hypnosis, you'll be guided on a peaceful and relaxing meditative journey to visit your Successful Parallel Self. Imagine sitting with and talking to a version of you who already has the success you want. Imagine what it would look like and feel like to experience this kind of success. What questions would you ask? How would you like to get advice from someone who's already achieved what you want, who knows best about you and wants to help you? How would you like to bring that information back to your current life to help you achieve the success that you want? It's probably one of the best advice you get without having to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

The journey is positive and empowering. This journey to meet your parallel self has changed many people's lives for the better. Your life can be changed too.

Bring an open mind to experience and meet your already Successful Parallel Self or Doppelganger.

Optional Things to Bring:
• Notepad and pen to write down your vision and insights
•Yoga mat to sit on if you prefer that over a chair.
• Sweater or jacket to keep warm


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