To our knowledge, mysterious global street artist Banksy has never tagged a wall in Orange County, although he very well should, considering how much he loves sticking stenciled images of social, political subjects in a satirical vein (and we've got plenty!). But you can still manage to see an original Banksy piece at Laguna Beach gallery's phenomenal and historic street art exhibition “Pageant of the Vandals.” Co-curated by Hexagon Gallery, there's a lengthy list of street artists being rotated every three weeks in this show: Ben Eine, Zio Ziegler, Swoon, Lucy Stanton, Jeff Gillette, as well as select works from Shepard Fairey and Banksy, including Banksy's own Haight Street Rat, a large, stenciled rat lifted and preserved from its original location from the side of a San Francisco bed and breakfast. Definitely not an art show to be missed!
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