Meet U On The Astral Plane // Sara M. Lyons Solo Show

Meet U On The Astral Plane // Sara M. Lyons Solo Show

Sara M Lyons

Location Info:

Artists Republic Gallery
400 W. Disney Way
Anaheim, CA  92651
Artists Republic is proud to host local Anaheim artist Sara M. Lyons for a solo exhibition with the gallery opening May 12th from 6-9 pm. Sara completed her first mural in conjunction with the Artists Republic mural garden in the winter of 2016 and with projects that take her all over the country we are excited to have her back with us as the first female solo show in the new space.

Sara M. Lyons is a professional weirdo, illustrator, and product designer based in Anaheim, CA. Happiest when she’s making things that are both super cute and a little bit creepy, Sara’s influences run the gamut from punk rock and witchcraft to Archie comics and 80’s cartoons. Her light-hearted, feminine work has been featured by Nylon, Vogue, Elle, and Complex, among others, and her product line is available at as well as brick-and-mortar shops worldwide.

When she’s not drawing or shipping out orders, Sara likes getting her nails done, watching trashy reality TV, and visiting theme parks, swapmeets, and toy stores with her husband, fellow artist JOSHR. She likes to chill with a beer, and doesn’t take herself or her work too seriously. Instagram: @saramlyons


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