McCarren/Fine: AND/OR

Photo courtesy of Jacinto Astiazarán. McCarren/Fine, Ziggy Doldrums, 2015. Video. © McCarren/Fine.


Mondays-Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, 12 p.m. Continues through Dec. 11 2016
The University Art Museum presents AND/OR, an exhibition by the collaborative artist team, McCarren/Fine. More than 15 projects by Barbara McCarren and Jud Fine will be on view. Jud Fine and Barbara McCarren are the first to say they are “poles apart” in their creative process. Fine begins with clarity and arrives at complexity while McCarren begins with complexity and arrives at clarity.  In their long-running endeavor, Continental Edge Dwellers (CED), McCarren/Fine address land (the beach), water (the sea), and the line of division (the coastal shore). To dwell on the continental edge is to occupy some of the most exclusive and expensive space on the planet, as well as the most fragile and threatened. The condition of CED is explicitly addressed in production of content and/or form—be that by way of representation or abstraction, in material composition, or the process of making. Additionally, work from their Currency series will be re-created for the first time in Southern California.

Main Gallery Hours: 12-5pm Saturday-Thursday, 12-8pm Wednesdays, Closed Fridays


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