Knowledge Without Action: The Case of Germany during the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire


Tue., Sept. 26, 7-10 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

Wallace All Faiths Chapel of the Fish Interfaith Center
Chapman University
Orange, CA  92866
A conversation between Professor David Crowe and Professor Richard Hovannisian moderated by Professor Jennifer Keene.

The Armenian Genocide occurred under the cover of the Great War although evidence of what was occurring did not remain hidden. While the eyewitness accounts of genocide reported by the Allies are well known, far less so are the reports found within the foreign office records of Germany, Ottoman Turkey’s most important ally during World War I. The detailed reports of German diplomats, missionaries, and businessmen describing the crimes they witnessed add a new dimension to our understanding of the Armenian Genocide and pose disturbing questions about why knowledge may bot be enough to stop genocide. This conversation between two eminent historians and scholars of genocide will focus both on what was known and the consequences of the knowledge.


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