2018-09-05 22:00:00
10:00 p.m. every Wed., Fri.

Location Info:

The Prospector
2400 E. Seventh St.
Long Beach, CA  90804
Have you seen that cell-phone commercial in which the guy wants to rent a hotel room, but the clerk is all, “You don’t want that room. It’s a dead zone”? Well, the restaurant at the Prospector is sort of like that. Rumor has it the menu includes steaks, chicken and fish—but the best filet mignon on the planet wouldn’t be enough star power to draw people away from the Wednesday-night karaoke. The free, weekly event attracts wary lovers itching to get out “Suspicious Minds,” drunk dudes whose mating call is “Baby Got Back,” a trio of females just buzzed enough to try “I Will Survive” and that one guy who thinks he’s funny when he tries—but fails—to hit the high notes in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” On paper, that sounds like karaoke night at Every Bar USA, but similar to Midget Town, karaoke at the Prospector is a local legend due to its combination of shaggy-haired hipsters and über -tanned construction workers mingling without pretense or aggression.
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