Kabanieri of the Iron Fortress

Location Info:

The Frida Cinema
305 E. Fourth St.
Santa Ana, CA  92701
Fans of action anime, listen up: tonight's exclusive screening of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is one not to be missed. For one, it's a one-time only deal, as part of the Frida Cinema's weekly Anime Movie Nights series in collaboration with anime movie house Crunchyroll. It's directed by Tetsuo Araki of the highly acclaimed Attack on Titan and Deathnote. Studio Ghibli it's not, but with the amount of high octane action and vibrant animation coming at you from the big screen, Kabaneri is on another level of extreme action entertainment. Developed in two parts—Kabaneri Part 1: Light that Gathers and Kabaneri Part 2: Life that Burns— get carried away in the epic fantasy and spectacle.


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