Location Info:

The Frida Cinema
305 E. Fourth St.
Santa Ana, CA  92701
In the genre of WTF science fiction films, Guardians (translated from its Russian title Zashchitniki), holds a special place within the canon. The film centers around a team of Soviet Union superheroes tracked down decades after the Cold War to spring back into action: Lar, the supernatural being who can lift giant masses of earth; Ursus, who is part man, part bear; Xenia, the martial art master and fighter; and Khan, a fighter highly skilled in blades of all sorts. A huge bomb in its release, its now a cult favorite among sci fi geeks and lovers of weird, wacky cinema (and it's newly distributed by Shout! Factory, which is a win). See it as part of the appropriately named Friday Night Freakouts series tonight.


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