G.I. Joe Search and Rescue Cha for Tea

G.I. Joe Search and Rescue Cha for Tea


Location Info:

Cha For Tea
4187 Campus Dr.
Irvine, CA  92612
Started by a grieving sister who had lost her younger brother under similar circumstances, the mission of G.I. Joe Search and Rescue is to provide assistance & resources to both local authorities and families with missing loved ones. We are a self-activating team of search and rescue (S.A.R.) volunteers and we respond when notified of an emergency rescue or recovery mission. We strive to prevent and assist in emergency rescue situations by preparing and training ourselves in survival and S.A.R. techniques, and by educating the public on safety and survival procedures. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers and our goal is to not only provide search and rescue personnel and expertise to rescue and recovery missions, but also to provide emotional support to those families needing help in finding a loved one lost in our region's canyons, forests and natural areas.

In order to provide this kind of assistance to families in need at no cost, our organization is seeking your support. 100% of every donation will be used to directly support our organization's operations and missions - your support and contributions will be allocated solely to acquiring equipment and search and rescue training that will be used in future missions.

Support us with your purchase!!!!! GIJOESAR will be holding a Cha for Tea fundraiser. Every large drink purchase, the organization will receive $1 in donation. The only catch is you need to purchase CASH ONLY and have our flyer present at the time of purchase. Plan a date or a get together with good company, enjoy a refreshing drink while supporting GIJOESAR.

Every dollar earned will help us with the purchase of new equipment. Visit gijoesar.org for flyer to be brought to location or print the above flyer to bring with you.


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