Closing Reception - "Light & Heavy" exhibition

Closing Reception - "Light & Heavy" exhibition

Connie Majors


Sun., July 30, 4-7 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

Golden West College Art Gallery
15744 Goldenwest St., Fine Arts Building
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
Closing reception (show runs June 8 - July 30)
Light & Heavy, works by Connie Majors

Artist Statement:
In my artwork I strive for thought provoking work; I like to create tension and I love figuring out the engineering feats of construction (thanks to my Father being an engineer in construction, my Mother being an engineer in homemaking and my training in metalsmithing). I enjoy standing back and watching reactions to my pieces; each one carries a message.

In this show I have three categories of sculptures; bricks, food, and man & woman.

Bricks – First off, my bricks are handmade and are hollow, some are filled with lead or sand for added weight as bases. Second, clay can be made “light” as needed for the floating brick in “Reversal,” by mixing in lots of paper fiber into sloppy wet clay. When the clay is fired, the fiber burns leaving hollow spaces. The floating brick in “Reversal” has 1/8 inch fiber walls and the heavy bricks are ½ inch thick. The string in “Reversal” is not clay and yes, I made the saw for “Not As Easy As Butter.” My then 6 year old grandson looked at “Not As Easy As Butter” and remarked not about the saw but, “Grandma, I didn't know bricks were blue inside.” A child at a show remarked about “Reversal” saying, “This is all wrong” - confirmation of my intent.

Food – It is fun to provide a twist to everyday activities such as eating. Look closely at the “Blue Plate Special,” consider what we have done to the earth with “Cultural Clash,” and what attitude do you see in “Upper Crust Crumbs.” Does the hat represent a once high end person now down on their luck? What do we do about our farming techniques with “Insecticide Kills Bees Too.” Time is a constant and examined in two different ways in “Passage” and “Eaten By Time.” Why do we think more food is better and why do we assume McDonald’s fast food is the worst in “Bigger Not Better”?

Man & Woman – This series started when years ago I pulled out the dish washing liquid from under the sink and was hit by the shape of the bottle being woman-like. I was discussed that the manufacturer made a woman's body shape bottle for “woman's work”. I decided to go to the garage and find a representative for man. It only took me 10 seconds to see what I wanted, the old standard oil can. I made plaster molds of these items and then altered them to fit my need. “The Couple” was my first piece with them. “Wishful Thinking” captures the different ways men and women see the world. I look for situations and ideas to use my “figures.” There will be more sculptures to come.


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