Cleanup at Big Canyon


Location Info:

Big Canyon
21442 Back Bay Dr.
Newport Beach, California  92660-3310
In partnership from City of Newport Beach, Newport Bay Conservancy asks you to clean the Bay. We all know how much of a hazard this form of pollution can be to wildlife, recreation and human health so let’s get together and make a dent in the amount of trash that will reach the ocean. Great time for service hours. Email Carissa Macias to sign up,

What to wear/bring: Everyone should wear old clothes and close-toed shoes because you will get dirty. Feel free to bring your own gloves and/or bucket if you have them to help pick up trash. It also helps for the land-based cleanup if you have tall/rubber boots or water shoes so you can get into the mud and reach those hard to get pieces that may be not as accessible when wearing regular sneakers. Please bring a reusable/refillable water bottle so we can reduce our plastic use.


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