Blade Runner

Warner Bros.

Sci-fi philosopher Philip K. Dick was living in Orange County when his book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? transformed into Ridley Scott’s classic Blade Runner. “I saw a segment [on the] news,” he said in his final interview before his death in 1982. “I recognized it immediately. It was my own interior world.” And now with actual (confused? Calculating?) L.A. developers using Blade Runner’s dystopia as aesthetic inspiration, and science warning most planetary wildlife could go extinct—that’s why the book is about electric sheep, not real ones—that interior world looks more and more like where we’re all gonna end up living. (Spoilers: don't forget Radio Free Albemuth with the American president who turns out to be working for the Russians.) Check in with this uncomfortable convergence yourself at this screening, and if you’d like more ungulate-adjacent sci-fi prognostication, try Brunner’s The Sheep Look Up.
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