Artists Republic


Wednesdays-Sundays, 12 p.m. Continues through March 26 2017

Location Info:

Artists Republic Gallery
400 W. Disney Way
Anaheim, CA  92651
L.A.’s Michael Hsiung definitely knows where the wild things are, as well as what they do when no one’s watching. His work is populated by particularly energetic people, animals, monsters and crazy hybrids of all three, each rendered in a highly distinctive fine-line style that makes every bristle, horn, beard or fish scale practically ricochet off the page. He’s several years into a career that’s put his art in service of top-flight lifestyle and sport brands, though of course you may recognize him from the odd album cover or flyer as well, especially if you were wandering Sunset Blvd. between the Echo and Silverlake Lounge about ten years ago. He adds adult detail and depth to the unfiltered surreality of childhood, and—like Adventure Time—the result is not just a body of work but an entire little world, or maybe a where-are-they-now for every imaginary friend you ever had.


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