Wednesdays-Sundays, 12 p.m. Continues through Aug. 20 2017

Location Info:

Artists Republic Gallery
400 W. Disney Way
Anaheim, CA  92651
Artists have been inspired by the magnificence of nature since the very beginning, and continue to capture its brilliance to this day. While paintings and illustrations have always prevailed as the predominant mediums to depict landscapes and fauna during the history of art, Artists Republic gallery brings a New Contemporary approach. Their latest group exhibition “Art & Nature” presents artistic interpretations of the natural world and wildlife, mixing in artistic genres like collage, abstract painting and design. See larger pieces by Bay area artists Chad Hasegawa, Kristin Farr and Justin Angelos, with 10 x10 piece artworks by over 30 artists from around the country. Stop by, take a gander, and consider an outdoors excursion away from your regular urban jungle every once in a while.


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