Animal Crackers

Paramount Pictures

As part of their Flashback Film Series, the Regency celebrates the 87th anniversary of the Marx Brothers’ 1930 smash, Animal Crackers. Only the brothers’ second film together, and considered to be one of their best, Crackers is ablaze with the standard Marx witticisms and runarounds, most notably, the “I shot an elephant in my pajamas,” African hunting story told by Captain Spaulding (Groucho Marx). Iconic straight woman Margaret Dumont is also in tow, and for you experts on film history, keep an eye out for Fredi Washington (from Imitation of Life) as a party guest. Most notably, this was a Pre-Code film and only censored versions were available until the original was found and re-released in 2016, which means now’s your chance to be one of the few to experience the Marx’s no-holds-barred in 87 years!


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