A Strip Through Time: A History of Burlesque


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Harvelle's Long Beach
201 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA  90802
Before becoming the popularized art form as we know it, the idea of burlesque has changed from various formats throughout the ages, starting from the early Victorian era. What we typically regard as 'burlesque' now— bawdy, exaggerated and full of va-va-VOOM— went through its own phases, with stars like Tempest Storm, April March (known as the First Lady of Burlesque) and Kitten Navidad headlining shows and wowing crowds in postwar America. Take a sexy history lesson into the background of this cabaret dance style with current day burlesque star Kitten DeVille and others performing tributes and iconic moments from past legends. MC'ed by Lili Von Schtupp, sit back and watch the feathers, bubbles and pasties fly— for, um, education.
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