Sat., Nov. 11, 7:30-11:30 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

Art Mentors
16182 Gothard St.
Huntington Beach, California  92649
Are you reading this on your smart phone right now? Most likely you are. We spend so much time on our electronic devices, texting, reading email, on social media. With all this technology that allows us instant contact to those on the other side of the planet, answers all of our most pressing questions in seconds and entertains us entirely on a 2-d screen, we have to wonder, what are we missing? The reality is when you get one thing we loose something else. 

At “5 The Event” you get it back! You break free and reconnect to the world through your senses. You will take a journey of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. Open your mystery box and get more experiential options. We created an environment where you are the star, you get off the bleachers and get into the real world. When is the last time you stopped and tasted the flavors of the food your are eating? When did you truly listen to a beautiful piece of music? When did you stop and look up and see something new and different? At “5 The Event” you will do all this. You will smell a fragrance and guess what it is, see colors in a painting you never saw before and intuitively tell a story about it. You will analyze how objects feel to the touch, take a tool in your hand and make a mark on a collaborative piece of artwork. You will feel alive and reconnect to what you have been missing (or deepen your already rich life experience). Plus you will be giving back to an amazing charity, Horse Nation Foundation.

Don’t loose another Saturday night in the sea of predictability.  Your neighbors won’t have done this! We invite your to break free and connect to your senses at “5 The Event”.

Included:  Dinner, a glass of wine, gallery of artwork by artists Fabio Napoleoni, A. Tarman and other artists, a mystery box for each participant, live music, silent auctions and raffles. Full bar on site (Not recommended for children under 12). 

Tickets $49 at


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