4th of July at the Queen Mary

Location Info:

Queen Mary
1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA  90802
Yes, the Queen Mary was once as British as it gets, but now she belongs to America forever, and there’s nothing more appropriate for the 4th of July, since America was founded by taking and keeping Great Britain’s best stuff, wasn’t it? (Plus she served honorably as a troopship during World War II, and now proudly lords her bulk over the diminutive Russian sub berthed next to her—the Queen Mary just can’t stop American-ing!) For this special occasion, she’ll be positively swaddled in red-white-blue bunting and spirit, with plenty of themed activities—including a Pointer Sisters set and a “4-D Theatre Patriotic Movie,” because even 3-D isn’t good enough when it’s the 4th of July—all day and even select hotel rooms rebranded as “Freedom Cabanas,” where you can exercise your freedom to call into work pretending to be sick the next morning. ?
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