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  • Mysterium

    3122 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92869-3708

  • Mysterium at Weinert Chapel

    Mysterium at Weinert Chapel

    19211 Dodge Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705
    714-771-5436 Mysterium Theater is a theater based out of a church in Santa Ana. After three years, OC Weekly finally dedicated a feature to Marla Ladd's frenetic theater company (see "Holy Host," June 29), but this august publication has yet to review a show at her digs, housed on the campus of the very forward-thinking Church of the Foothills. Maybe it's because there's so much to choose from: This year alone, Mysterium Theater was scheduled to mount 24 productions, ranging from the sexually charged Spring Awakening and the (hopefully) not sexually charged Charlotte's Web to a summer series of Shakespeare plays that included a woman playing the titular role of Othello as a woman. The need to pay the bills accounts for the heavy programming schedule, and the hope in this quarter is that Ladd and her incredibly enthusiastic band of thespians keep on truckin' until we finally get around to choosing an actual show to review. More >>

  • Mysterium Theater

    311 S. Euclid Ave. La Habra, CA 90631

  • New Swan Theater

    West Peltason and Campus drives Irvine, CA 92617

  • Newport Beach Film Festival's Latino Showcase

    Triangle Square 1870 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA Costa Mesa, CA 92627

  • Newport Theatre Arts Center

    2501 Cliff Drive Newport Beach, CA 92663

  • No Square Theatre

    384 Legion St Laguna Beach, CA 92651

  • Northwood High School

    4515 Portola Parkway Irvine, CA 92620

  • Northwood Performing Arts Theater

    4415 Portola Parkway Irvine, CA 92620

  • OC Pavilion Performing Arts Theatre

    801 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Orange Coast College, Robert B. Moore Theater

    2701 Fairview Road Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Orange Coast College offers a theater program and is in Costa Mesa. Headed by brothers Alex and Rick Golson with David Scaglione and Cynthia Corley for more years than can actually be counted on two hands, all you need to do is simply plunk down the requisite unit fee, take the class and become totally immersed in the wonderful, back-breaking world of theater. Build a set with your bare hands and scavenged wood (plus a power tool or two)! Hang and gel lighting instruments! Direct a play?your choice! Edit sound! Learn how to operate a light or sound board! Costume actors in colorful retro clothing! Re-use props that have been part of hundreds of productions! Be privy to the myriad uses of flat black paint! Intimately understand the intricacies of running a snack bar! The Golsons and co. maintain just enough control to make things happen, but they allow their students to pass or fail on their own terms. Take the class enough times, and you'll know all you need to know to run a theater (Hunger Artists and Rude Guerrilla got their starts there). More >>

  • Orange County Crazies

    809 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92701-3508

  • Pantages Theatre

    Pantages Theatre

    6233 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

  • Pirate

    Pirate's Dinner Adventure

    7600 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90620
    714-690-1497 Located just across the street from Medieval Times, this mammoth amphitheater-style restaurant features a life-size pirate ship with full rigging surrounded by a moat of water. The food is on the bland side-would you like chicken with beef or chicken with shrimp? Both go great with Bud Light-but if you are under eight years of age, have a child who is, or if you happen to be very drunk, you will get a big kick out of the entertainment. Pirate duels, cannon shots and a dancing gypsy girl all compete for your attention. Diners, all of whom sit in color-coded sections corresponding to one of the pirates, are encouraged to participate in the show by cheering their pirate on and booing the other pirates as they fight one another on a trampoline or chase one another off the rigging. Keep in mind, however, that if you sit in the front row, you are likely to get wet, inhale a bit too much dry-ice vapor, or both. More >>

  • Player's Theatre

    1250 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90840

  • Pomona Fox Theater

    114 W. 3rd St. Pomona, CA 91766

  • Pomona Fox Theatre

    5750 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • Regal La Habra 16

    1351 W. Imperial Highway La Habra, CA 90631-6995

  • Regency Lido Theater

    3459 Via Lido, Newport Beach Newport Beach, CA 92663

  • The Rib Trader

    The Rib Trader

    2710 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92869
    714-744-9288 Barbecue restaurants are a dime a dozen around here, even though this ain't Texas or South Carolina. A relative elder, the Rib Trader has spent more than 20 years in a strip mall with a surprisingly large dining room. The baby backs will probably keep it in business for at least 20 more. More >>

  • Robert B. Moore Theater, Orange Coast College

    2701 Fairview Rd Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  • Rude Guerrilla Theater

    202 N. Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Saban Theatre

    Saban Theatre

    8440 W. Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211

  • Saddleback College McKinney Theatre

    Saddleback College McKinney Theatre

    28000 Marguerite Mission Viejo, CA 92692

  • Samueli Theater

    600 Town Center Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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