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  • Blackbird Records

    1603 W. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92833

  • Cal State Fullerton Clayes Performing Arts Center

    800 N. State College Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92831

  • Comic Hero University

    333 S. State College Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92831

  • Fullerton College Sculpture Garden

    321 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832

  • Fullerton College, Bronwyn Dodson Theatre

    321 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832

  • Magoski Arts Colony

    223 W. Santa Fe Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832

  • Maverick Theater

    Maverick Theater

    110 E. Walnut Fullerton, CA 92832
    714-526-7070 Maverick Theater is a stage in Fullerton. Maybe it's the drunken midnight karaoke on Saturdays, or the slinky femmes fatales gyrating to James Bond theme songs, or some fat fuck in a red suit squaring off with green Martians, or Stalag 17or A Few Good Men, or the unashamedly fan's-eye musical homage to Elvis, The King.Or maybe it's all of them. But the Maverick Theater in downtown Fullerton is the most un-theater theater in the county, trafficking in film and multimedia as much as Shakespeare and Neil Simon. Founder Brian Newell has opened up his two spaces?including his 1920s-speakeasy venue?to everyone and everything, from committed thespians and iconic light and set designers (hello, Jim Book!) to standup comedians and even the Fullerton Music Festival in September. If theaters want to remain relevant in an age of iPhones and high-def this and that, more should look at the model Newell and co. are building. More >>

  • Monkey Wrench Collective

    Monkey Wrench Collective

    204 N. Harbor Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92832
    714-525-1400 The Monkey Wrench Collective is a storefront theater in Fullerton. Their best recent play was a one-person show reenacting the movie version of the 1961 musical West Side Story in a woman's small apartment. But in the highly talented hands, legs and voice of Terri Mowrey, this Monkey Wrench Collective production worked seamlessly. She not only did a stellar job replicating the songs and dance moves of the original, but she also managed to share insights into her struggles as a performer and growing up half-Mexican, half-Anglo in Southern California. It was an entertaining-as-hell 75 minutes—both insightful and moving. Mowrey has displayed her considerable talent on local stages over the years, but this was the first time her full theatrical plumage received the chance to flourish. Oh, and anyone who follows her on Facebook realizes this chick probably sees more killer rock concerts than anyone this side of The Orange County Register's Ben Wener. More >>

  • Muckenthaler Cultural Center

    Muckenthaler Cultural Center

    1201 W. Malvern Ave. Fullerton, CA 92833

  • Nouveau Chamber Ballet

    1090 W. Valencia Drive Fullerton, CA 92833

  • PAS Gallery

    223 W. Santa Fe Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832

  • Plummer Auditorium

    Plummer Auditorium

    201 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831
    714-870-2813 Plummer Auditorium is in Fullerton, on the campus of Fullerton High School. This young, theater-loving group of theater people, led by three siblings with the last name of Dawson, made a big splash in late 2009-10 at the well-appointed theater at the OC Pavilion. But after that venue was sold to the Orange County High School of the Arts last summer, 3-D needed a new home. It found one at Fullerton's Plummer Auditorium. The Fullerton Civic Light Opera had produced theater at the space for four decades, but the recession crippled that entity, and it had to vacate the Plummer. Then 3-D Theatricals stepped in and produced the 2011 season, saving ticket subscribers a boatload of aggravation. The shows were your typical mainstream fare, such as The Drowsy Chaperone and the upcoming The Wizard of Oz. It looks like there's more of the same in 3-D's just-announced 2012 season, but it has added a youthful injection of energy with Avenue Q and Hairspray. More >>

  • Programme Skate & Sound

    2495 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831

  • Stages Theater

    400 E. Commonwealth Fullerton, CA 92832

  • Sunny Hills Performing Arts Center

    1801 Warburton Way Fullerton, CA 92833

  • Theare Out at Hunger Artists Theatre

    701 S. State College Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92831

  • Titan Theater

    800 N. State College Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92831

  • Wilshire Auditorium

    315 E. Wilshire St. Fullerton, CA 92832