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  • 4th and Birch Streets

    W. 4th St. and N. Birch St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Birch Park

    210 S. Birch St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Centennial Park

    Centennial Park

    3000 W. Edinger Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92704

    Centennial Park is in Santa Ana. In a soccer-mad city, Santa Ana's Centennial Park is the Indianapolis Speedway of the sport, the place where all fútbolistas aspire to play on manicured fields that host seemingly continuous games from sunrise to 10 p.m. (raza plays 72 hours of soccer per week there, according to city officials). But some of the best action isn't even on the park's four official fields—check out the pick-up games that happen on every available square inch, with backpacks and even books substituting for goal posts, a beehive of humanity that makes the FIFA World Cup seem like an English high tea. The sweetened cinnamon aroma depletes any need for cream or milk to remove the bitterness customary to regular coffee, which might explain why café de olla is typically served strong and black in Mexico. Milk and sugar may be added, but they're certainly not needed. More >>

  • Cesar Chavez Campesino Park

    3311 W. 5th St. Santa Ana, CA 92704

  • El Salvador Community Center

    1825 W. Civic Center Drive Santa Ana, CA 92703

  • French Park

    915 French St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • French Park

    915 French St. Santa Ana, CA 92702

  • Imperial Promenade Water Gardens

    3 Imperial Promenade Santa Ana, CA 92707

  • Madison Park

    Corner of Edinger Ave. and Standard Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92707

  • Santiago Creek Preservation

    900 E. Memory Lane Santa Ana, CA 92701

  • Santiago Park

    900 E. Memory Lane Santa Ana, CA 92706

  • Santiago Park Nature Reserve

    510 E. Memory Lane Santa Ana, CA 92706