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  • Circle of Orange

    Glassell St and Chapman Ave Orange, CA 92866

  • Country Trail and Riding School

    Country Trail and Riding School

    1 Irvine Park Road Orange, CA 92869
    714-538-5860 Country Trail and Riding School is in Orange. We'd wager that a fair number of the county's current residents haven't put a foot in a stirrup (outside of a gynecologist's office, that is). And can a person blame them? The hills are alive with the bustle of auto commuters trying to navigate the infamous Orange Crush. So why not get on a horse at least once in your life and take a leisurely lope through a blooming meadow while it's still possible? Country Trail & Riding School is a fine place to get back in the saddle (for the first time). Sporting a menagerie of well-behaved steeds and managed by a group of passionate wranglers, they can guide the most inexperienced riders with a soft touch through up to six different loops around Irvine Regional Park. In the spring, meadows surrounding the stables are in full view of lush rolling hillsides and teeming with mustard-seed plants, fennel and buckwheat. An hour ride will set you back $40. More >>

  • Depot Park

    100 N. Atchison St. Orange, CA 92866

  • El Metate Mercado

    125 N. Rancho Santiago Orange, CA 92869

  • Hart Park

    701 Glassell St. Orange, CA 92866

  • Irvine Park

    1 Irvine Park Orange, CA 92869

  • Irvine Regional Park

    1 Irvine Park Road Orange, CA 92869

  • Oak Canyon Ranch

    Oak Canyon Ranch

    5305 Santiago Canyon Road Silverado, CA 92676
    714-563-9778 Oak Canyon Ranch is a park in canyon areas of Orange County. If you’re an outdoor festival kind of person, Oak Canyon Ranch is the closest thing to God’s country you’re liable to find in OC. From Hootenanny to Punk Rock Picnic, there is no car show, carnival or hippie revival that doesn’t pass through here without stopping at this 100-acre property complete with camp sites, RV park, crystal blue lake and green grass (not the kind you roll up in the back of the van). Nestled in the mountains of Silverado Canyon, it’s far enough away to feel rural and unincorporated but close enough to a gas station that you’re not totally fucked without a map and compass. When there’s not a huge festival raging, it’s still a bucolic place to go camping and remind yourself that not all of Orange County is suburban nothingness. Really close to Modjeska. More >>

  • Orange County Zoo

    Orange County Zoo

    1 Irvine Park Road Orange, CA 92869

  • Orange Dog Park

    190 S. Yorba St. Orange, CA 92869

  • Peters Canyon Regional Park

    Peters Canyon Regional Park

    8548 E. Canyon View Ave. Orange, CA 92869

  • Pyrophobia Park

    1200 W. Alvarez Orange, CA 92868

  • Santiago Oaks Regional Park

    2145 East Windes Drive Orange, CA 92869

  • Shaffer Park

    1930 N. Shaffer St. Orange, CA 92865

  • Vans Skatepark

    20 City Blvd. W. Orange, CA 92868