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  • Blas Aguilar Adobe Museum

    Blas Aguilar Adobe Museum

    31806 El Camino Real San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
    949-493-4933 The Blas Aguilar Adobe Museum is in San Juan Capistrano. The museum is maintained and operated by the nonprofit Blas Aguilar Adobe Foundation, which is run by David Belardes, the local Juaneño Indian group chief who is related to the original Blas and Aguilar families, as is his wife, Cha Cha. For decades, Belardes has taken the American Indian relics unearthed by Southern California developers and reburied them in private ceremonies. But with the knowledge Belardes has gathered, he and his family have painstakingly re-created pieces from different eras and set them up in museum displays. Period photographs and descriptive placards help bring the items to life. A small bedroom is decorated the way it would have been for the original inhabitants, who were obviously much smaller, given the size of their beds. A backroom includes furs, skins and sticks collected locally to make the items on display. The yard features a "conversation stone" where Juaneño women would grind corn while sharing gossip. More >>

  • Bowers Kidseum

    Bowers Kidseum

    1802 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92706

  • Bowers Museum

    Bowers Museum

    2002 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92706
    714-567-3600 The Bowers Museum is in Santa Ana. After a couple of massive expansions, it has renovated that earlier reputation, putting its exhibitions on par with anything by the boys with the big endowments. A dynamite Benjamin Franklin exhibit earlier this year, mummies from the Silk Road touring show, rare Rembrandt etchings, samurai art from the Tokyo National Museum, American quilts and some of China's Terra Cotta Warriors are just a few of what we've been able to feast our eyes on, and the impressive list doesn't appear to be ending any time soon. The Bowers is a shining example of what a board of directors (headed by the forward thinking Dr. Peter C. Keller), generous benefactors and a deep respect for the diversity of multiple cultures can do for a (once-) small community museum. And the best person there is Julie Perkins-Lee, who helps out archiving stuff and is a wonderful person! More >>

  • Brea Museum and Heritage Center

    495 S. Brea Blvd. Long Beach, CA 92821