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  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    2783 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92705
    714-667-7840 Founded in Brentwood, California in 1963, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a true coffee and tea joint that focuses on hot drinks and not on sweets and pastries. Nonfat and soy-derived flavors are emphasized, signature decafs like Tropical Passion and Swedish Berries are brewed daily, and this may be the only place in Orange County where one can order a Strawberries and Cream Tea Latte straight off the daily menu, which is filled with the usual chocolate- and caramel-infused teas and coffees besides. The company brags about its close relationships with private farms and plantations, and after five decades of growth is the nation's largest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailer. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is easy to find on Voice Places. More >>

  • Crave Restaurant and Cafe

    Crave Restaurant and Cafe

    410 W. 4th St. Santa Ana, CA 92701
    714-907-0063 Crave Restaurant in downtown Santa Ana sells sandwiches. And as word gets around that Crave is Café Chiarini resurrected, the lunch-time queue will get longer and longer. The food is cribbed crumb-for-crumb from Café Chiarini’s menu. The sourdough is the basis for almost all that you consume—this is bread for the ages. Baked by Chef Judy Fleenor and supplied in excess, it has a crunchy outer crust mottled golden, shiny as though it were buffed with Turtle Wax. The tangy interior fluff inside is as moist as cake. Sit down and they give you a basket of it with butter. Order a soup and you get at least two more crusty hunks to rip and dip in the liquid. And, of course, there are the sandwiches, which—because the bread is hand-sliced—can be comically oversized at times, but great always. More >>

  • Fantasy Cafe

    2271 N. Fairview St. Santa Ana, CA 92706

  • Green Parrot Villa

    2035 N. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92706

  • Sen Bistro

    1945 E. 17th St. Santa Ana, CA 92705

  • Southern California Artists (SCA)

    P.O. Box 28762 Santa Ana, CA 92799