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  • 3 Palms Cafe

    3737 W. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92868-1608

  • Anepalco

    Anepalco's Cafe

    3737 W. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92868
    714-456-9642 At the second Anepalco’s dinner is served. And it’s then that Danny Godinez starts to really crack his knuckles and show you that Mexi-French cuisine isn’t monopolized by Richard Sandoval’s Raya at The Ritz. Baguettes are served with guajillo chile butter and dessert is from a roster of crepes that, of course, includes one with Nutella and banana. The single best dish has to be a pan-sautéed tilapia where Godinez turns a bargain fish into something as delicate as seabass. Everything you require from a French restaurant fish dish is present, from the coveted crispy sear of the flesh, to a silken potato puree, to a lick-the-plate good serrano beurre blanc an accomplished saucier would sell his soul to produce. More >>

  • Cafe 765 Cd

    765 The City Drive S. Orange, CA 92868-4942

  • The Cafe

    100 The City Drive S. Orange, CA 92868-3204

  • Capri Bar & Grill

    320 E. Katella Ave. Orange, CA 92867-4856

  • Choco-Latte

    840 The City Drive S. Orange, CA 92868

  • Ecroissants

    721 S. Parker St. Orange, CA 92868-4763

  • Friendly Donuts

    4442 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92869

  • Kokolo 153

    3203 N. Glassell St. Orange, CA 92865

  • Lollicup

    3533 E. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92869-3854

  • Mead's Green Door Cafe

    642 W. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92868

  • Orange Cafe

    1608 E. Mayfair Ave. Orange, CA 92867

    Orange Cafe is a breakfast place in Orange. The menu is just a couple of pages, all featuring the tried-and-true: pancakes, omelets, ham, sausage—but no waffles, bizarrely enough. Lunchtime brings burgers and sandwiches; there is no dinner. Yet in this decidedly prole environment, the chefs do stab at creativity. Fluffy pancakes come stuffed with strawberries and vanilla cream. The Denver potato pancakes are Rocky Mountains of latkes, ham, sour cream and bell peppers; slit your over-easy eggs over them, and the umami factor explodes to a trillion. More >>

  • Orange Tower Cafe

    500 N. State College Blvd. Orange, CA 92868

  • Plaza Cafe

    500 S. Main St. Orange, CA 92868

  • Sandwich Cafe

    902 W. Town And Country Road Orange, CA 92868-4721

  • Tastea

    20 City Blvd. W. Orange, CA 92868

  • Town & Country Cafe

    1100 W. Town and Country Road Orange, CA 92868

  • Ugly Mug Caffe

    Ugly Mug Caffe

    261 N. Glassell St. Orange, CA 92866
    714-997-5610 Funky coffee joint with a hair-salon interior. Breakfast muffins and stuff to go with java. Open late, late, late for those Chapman kids next door. They've got bands at night, too, and various desperate poets. More >>