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  • 610 Cafe

    610 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660-6419

  • Alta Cafe

    506 31st St. Newport Beach, CA 92663

  • Alta Coffee

    Alta Coffee

    506 31st St. Newport Beach, CA 92663

  • Avocado Cafe

    1367 Avocado Ave. Newport Beach, CA 92660

  • Bayview Cafe

    301 Bayview Circle Newport Beach, CA 92660-2938

  • Cafe Artys

    1301 Dove St. Newport Beach, CA 92660-2412

  • Fixx Coffee Lounge

    2549 Eastbluff Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660

  • Kéan Coffee

    Kéan Coffee

    2043 Westcliff Dr Newport Beach, CA 92660
    949-642-5326 Kéan-as all java junkies already know-is Martin Diedrich's indie coffee house, which has now taken over a Newport Beach spot for its third location. The news seems even more sweetly karmic when you realize that this Starbucks used to be a Diedrich before the buyout. As with its Newport Beach location, the star of the room is a custom-made contraption that looks like a Franklin stove equipped with Space Shuttle parts and a touch-screen console. This progeny of HAL 9000 and a stand mixer is responsible for custom roasting all the beans for the brews you'll drink. The coffee is featured in other permutations of hot and cold elixirs. The Grasshopper, one of their signature hot drinks, is scented with nostril-tickling mint, which can be smelled in the updraft but not tasted in the liquid. The shakes are whirred with chocolate ice cream, with the coffee dosage measured in varying strengths, depending on what you order. The non-coffee shakes are delicious, especially the Orange Dreamsicle. More >>

  • Laceo Cafe

    500 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660-7002

  • Le Pain Quotidien

    Le Pain Quotidien

    401 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660
    949-287-5592 The bakery is the first OC outlet of a Belgian brand that has penetrated every corner of the world and just about every neighborhood in LA that can afford it. It figures it chose deep-pocketed Newport Beach for its seminal location, even if the tony outdoor mall already has bakery with Pain in the name. Le Pain Quotidien also thumbs its nose at La Brea Bakery, which does business directly across the courtyard. It doesn't seem to worry about the competition nor care its prices could be considered expensive for what amounts to the Eurozone version of a Corner Bakery. The almond meringue-- oval-shaped and resembling a Nerf football, with the same foamy lightness--crumbles to dust just by looking at it. A Belgian brownie, as rich as a regular ol' American one but not as cloyingly sweet, gets baked into the shape of a tart and melts with the consistency of fudge. A chocolate chip cookie shares the width of a Frisbee and is uniformly thin--as crispy and buttery on the edges as it is at the center. And yes, the pain au chocolate is decadently filled and the croissants crackle as they should beneath the teeth. It would be best, however, to forget, if for a moment, what income bracket you belong to when you come. More >>

  • Le Pain Quotidien

    1103 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660

  • Mariner

    Mariner's Coffee Shop

    2606 Avon St. Newport Beach, CA 92663

  • Pain Du Monde

    1000 N. Bristol St. Newport Beach, CA 92660