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Nadine's Irish Mist

Nadine's Irish Mist

The live bands and karaoke nights hosted at Nadine's usually lay waste to Sunset Beach's sleepy reputation. But it's all in good fun at this rocking Irish pub.
Schooner at Sunset

Schooner at Sunset

Don't let the nautical theme fool you, there will be no stale grog served here. Rather you can choose from a sizable offering of craft brews and signature cocktails.
Crow's Cocktail's

Crow's Cocktail's

Yes this place holds about 50, but don't worry, handsome mirrors lend this joint the illusion of size. Enjoy a full bar, brews on tap and the eloquence of dive chic.

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  • Brix Wine Bar

    Brix Wine Bar

    16635 Pacific Coast Highway Sunset Beach, CA 90742
    866-357-2749 Brix in Sunset Beach is a nice place to get a glass of wine (or several assuming you're participating in a tasting.) This establishment sports an upscale, yet relaxed vibe with its rich, colorfully painted walls, granite counter tops and dark-hued mood lighting. Though Brix is technically a wine bar, they also offer a respectable, ever-changing menu of brews. Among those in current rotation are selections from Telegraph Brewing Company, Stone and Dogfish Head. Read more about this Orange County bar or club >>

  • J. King Neptune Seafood

    J. King Neptune Seafood

    17115 Pacific Coast Highway Sunset Beach, CA 90742
    562-592-4878 J. King Neptune's is a bar in Sunset Beach. It's as divey as they come, and features a guy named Father who lets people sleep on his couch for free—the couch is so famous it even has a Facebook page in its honor. Tip: Order the inexpensive crab legs, and wash them down with a bunch of beer and Coke. Read more about this Orange County bar or club >>

  • Mother

    Mother's Tavern

    16701 Pacific Coast Highway Sunset Beach, CA 90742

    A locals-heavy Sunset Beach spot, Mother's Tavern is a tiny bar that packs a large crowd. The building is designed to look like a barn, with its pitched roof and wooden, peanut-shell-covered floor. The rafters are adorned with signed dollar bills, large bras and thongs. Brews and other libations are poured in glass Mason jars. Adding to the barnyard vibe, a friendly Australian sheepdog patrols the room, mingling with revelers and licking the shells on the floor. A small stage allows for live entertainment, and the jukebox rocks a constant rotation of rockabilly and psychobilly jams. Read more about this Orange County bar or club >>

  • Nadine

    Nadine's Irish Mist

    16655 Pacific Coast Highway Sunset Beach, CA 90742
    562-592-7000 Nadine's Irish Mist is a pub born of a desire by its proprietors to escape the cold environs of the Emerald Isle. At least, according to the legend. In any event, they could have done worse than to open a business in the sand-swept, golden-hued goodness of beautiful Sunset Beach. Nadine's interior is covered in rich, dark wood, with recesses bearing flat-screen TVs and features a full liquor offering as well as 18 brews on tap. Many of these hail from the land of leprechauns and include Smithwick's, Harp and Guinness in addition to the delicious English pub ale Boddington's. Carrying on the Irish tradition of serving up good times to go along with an alcohol selection, Nadine's frequently hosts karaoke nights and live entertainment from bands including the Mulligans, Dick Deluxe and Dullahan Rogue. Read more about this Orange County bar or club >>

  • Turc


    16321 Pacific Coast Highway Sunset Beach, CA 90742
    562-592-2311 Evening revelers wandering the sleepy seaside community of Sunset Beach would be hard-pressed to find a dive bar with more charm than Turc's. The establishment is full of nautical tchotchkes: carved wooden sailors and walls adorned with turtle and abalone shells. In the front room, where the full bar is located, authentic bamboo sticks along the ceiling create a tiki-room vibe. The bartender specializes in straight-up whiskey drinks and fuzzy navels for the ladies. An open fire pit provides warmth. The back room is outfitted with two pool tables, a dartboard, a Big Buck arcade game and another fire pit. Behind the pool tables is a wall encrusted with volcanic rock, while the opposite wall is covered with sea-smoothed gray pebbles. The building's age is evident thanks to the the water stains dotting the ceiling, but those only augment the lived-in vibe brought by the salty seaside crowd. Read more about this Orange County bar or club >>