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Nadine's Irish Mist

Nadine's Irish Mist

The live bands and karaoke nights hosted at Nadine's usually lay waste to Sunset Beach's sleepy reputation. But it's all in good fun at this rocking Irish pub.
Schooner at Sunset

Schooner at Sunset

Don't let the nautical theme fool you, there will be no stale grog served here. Rather you can choose from a sizable offering of craft brews and signature cocktails.
Crow's Cocktail's

Crow's Cocktail's

Yes this place holds about 50, but don't worry, handsome mirrors lend this joint the illusion of size. Enjoy a full bar, brews on tap and the eloquence of dive chic.

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  • Bart

    Bart's Pub

    7052 Orangewood Ave. Garden Grove, CA 92841
    714-891-1719 Located in an industrial park in Garden Grove, Bart's Pub is a neighborhood-style bar that packs a lot of fun into its confined space. Aside from the standard décor of beer paraphernalia, Bart's also features a roaring fireplace, three dartboards, six flat-screen TVs, six arcade games and four billiard tables. The joint hosts dart and billiard tournaments so frequently it has its own backlit tournament bracket mounted to the wall. The beer offering is respectable, featuring close to two dozen draft and bottled beers, as well as chips and cigarettes dispensed from a vending machine. Read more about Bart's Pub >>

  • The British and Dominion Social Club

    12822 Valley View Garden Grove, CA 92840

  • Cafeoke Ding Dong Dang

    Cafeoke Ding Dong Dang

    9738 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92844

  • Club 22

    Club 22

    13132 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92843
    714-663-1775 Club 22 Sports Bar, which borrows its name from the adjacent Garden Grove freeway, places an emphasis on military pride and sports, as evidenced by Marine Corps and USC Trojan flags hanging side-by-side near the entrance. Various other military banners, posters and insignias can be spotted throughout the place. Club 22 offers a dozen draft beers, as well as a dozen bottled and canned brews, a full liquor selection and a standard variety of house wines. Four flat-screen TVs hang behind the granite-topped bar, which is rimmed by dark-wood barstools. Monday nights feature a pool tournament on its two billiard tables with a $10 buy-in. Tuesday sees patrons letting their hair down with a karaoke night. Club 22 also features a jukebox and, oddly, a Mary Shelley's Frankenstein-themed pinball machine. Read more about Club 22 >>

  • Gaynor's Lounge

    9902 Westminster Ave. Garden Grove, CA 92844

  • The Happy Hour

    12081 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92843

  • Henry

    Henry's Bar & Grill

    10549 Stanford Ave. Garden Grove, CA 92840
    714-537-9884 Though difficult to find, Henry's Bar and Grill has plenty of hole-in-the-wall charm, wedged as it is next to a pair of automotive-repair shops and surrounded by a residential neighborhood in Garden Grove. The joint offers 10 draft beers, a small variety of bottled beers and a moderate liquor selection. Beyond the single pool table, dartboard and several flat-screen TVs hung around the room, entertainment can be found in reading the bathroom-stall-style messages scrawled in chalk on the back wall and on dollar bills taped to the ceiling. Henry's offers different drink specials every day, with beers going for as little as $1.50. Read more about Henry's Bar & Grill >>

  • Humdinger 4

    12581 Harbor Blvd Garden Grove, CA 92840-5802

  • OC Brewhouse

    OC Brewhouse

    11999 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92840

  • The Office Bar

    The Office Bar

    13221 Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove, CA 92843-2256

    http://The Office Bar (13221 Garden Grove Blvd.)

  • Oggi

    Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company

    12362 Chapman Ave. Garden Grove, CA 92840
    714-534-3599 Among the Disneyland-adjacent motels lining Harbor Boulevard, Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co. is a beacon of class. Founded in the early '90s, at the dawn of the microbrew explosion, the small Oggi's chain is known for serving up its own brand of craft beers in addition to a large selection of liquors. The offerings include Oggi's own take on hefeweizen, Scottish ale and a light lager. Relatively small for such an establishment, this location features a large semi-circle of flat-screen TVs ringing the mahogany bar. The room, though small, is neat and filled with several cocktail tables. A video-game version of Texas Hold 'Em sits in a corner; a small room located just off the main bar offers several comfy couches. Read more about Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company >>

  • On the Rocks Bar & Grill

    On the Rocks Bar & Grill

    12752 Valley View St. Garden Grove, CA 92845

  • Tartan Room Garden Grove

    13062 Chapman Ave. Garden Grove, CA 92840-4349