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Nadine's Irish Mist

Nadine's Irish Mist

The live bands and karaoke nights hosted at Nadine's usually lay waste to Sunset Beach's sleepy reputation. But it's all in good fun at this rocking Irish pub.
Schooner at Sunset

Schooner at Sunset

Don't let the nautical theme fool you, there will be no stale grog served here. Rather you can choose from a sizable offering of craft brews and signature cocktails.
Crow's Cocktail's

Crow's Cocktail's

Yes this place holds about 50, but don't worry, handsome mirrors lend this joint the illusion of size. Enjoy a full bar, brews on tap and the eloquence of dive chic.

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  • Balboa Saloon

    Balboa Saloon

    700 E. Bay Ave. Balboa, CA 92661
    949-673-9783 Balboa Saloon is a bar in Newport Beach. Social Distortion's late guitar player Dennis Danell used to drink here. So did Madness front man Graham "Suggs" McPherson whenever he was in town. The INXS video for "The Devil Inside"--a cheesy, smoke-filled '80s romp--was even filmed inside these walls. Newbies will be offered complimentary sips from a pitcher filled with a Frankenstein concoction of domestic beers called a "Balboa Sunday," the foamy remnants of early-evening tap inspectios. Read more about Balboa Saloon >>

  • Balboa Village

    600 E Bay Ave. Newport Beach, CA 92661

  • BJ

    BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

    106 Main St. Balboa, CA 92661

  • The Class of 47

    The Class of 47

    209 Palm St. Balboa, CA 92661
    949-675-5774 Though it's big with the locals, the Class of '47 is the perfect watering hole for anyone who wants to lift a cold one in good, unpretentious company. Distractions abound with pool tables, dartboards, as well as new and vintage video games. Take a trip down memory lane with Centipede, Galaga and Frogger. Decor includes dollar bills across the ceiling spelling out the phrase "No Class." The spot offers a small selection of domestic beers on draft as well as a large selection of bottled brews, including Shock Top, Stella, Pacifico and Red Stripe. The joint also sports a full bar with a rep for serving stiff cocktails. Sundays stop by for some delicious baja tacos by Mr. Taco Guy. The joint also sports a full bar with a rep for serving stiff cocktails. Read more about The Class of 47 >>