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Nadine's Irish Mist

Nadine's Irish Mist

The live bands and karaoke nights hosted at Nadine's usually lay waste to Sunset Beach's sleepy reputation. But it's all in good fun at this rocking Irish pub.
Schooner at Sunset

Schooner at Sunset

Don't let the nautical theme fool you, there will be no stale grog served here. Rather you can choose from a sizable offering of craft brews and signature cocktails.
Crow's Cocktail's

Crow's Cocktail's

Yes this place holds about 50, but don't worry, handsome mirrors lend this joint the illusion of size. Enjoy a full bar, brews on tap and the eloquence of dive chic.

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  • Turc


    16321 Pacific Coast Highway Sunset Beach, CA 90742
    562-592-2311 Evening revelers wandering the sleepy seaside community of Sunset Beach would be hard-pressed to find a dive bar with more charm than Turc's. The establishment is full of nautical tchotchkes: carved wooden sailors and walls adorned with turtle and abalone shells. In the front room, where the full bar is located, authentic bamboo sticks along the ceiling create a tiki-room vibe. The bartender specializes in straight-up whiskey drinks and fuzzy navels for the ladies. An open fire pit provides warmth. The back room is outfitted with two pool tables, a dartboard, a Big Buck arcade game and another fire pit. Behind the pool tables is a wall encrusted with volcanic rock, while the opposite wall is covered with sea-smoothed gray pebbles. The building's age is evident thanks to the the water stains dotting the ceiling, but those only augment the lived-in vibe brought by the salty seaside crowd. Read more about Turc's >>

  • Tustin Brewing Company

    Tustin Brewing Company

    13011 Newport Ave. Tustin, CA 92780
    714-665-2337 Housed in a building evoking a French chateau, Tustin Brewing Company specializes in beers with serious flavor. One could easily make the mistake of thinking only pretentious connoisseurs need drop in, but nothing could be further from the truth. The staff is warm and inviting and more than willing to make suggestions on the ample beer list. True to its name, this joint brews in-house as evidenced by the massive steel fermentation tanks behind the bar. Labels pay homage to the surrounding neighborhood and include Red Hill Red, and Blimp Hangar Pale Ale. Massive hand-colored pictures adorn the north and south walls and feature images of Tustin at the turn of the 20th Century and the El Toro airfield in the 1940s. There's also a small selection of hard alcohol. Chosen Best Brewery by OC Weekly in 2007. Read more about Tustin Brewing Company >>

  • Tustin Inn

    Tustin Inn

    440 E. 1st St. Tustin, CA 92780-3310

    http://Tustin Inn (440 E. 1st St.) Tustin Inn is a bar in Tustin. Taxidermied wild boar heads are perched behind the bar, with silly hats and headbands hanging off the tusks and ears; across the room, a buffalo's head stares them down. A painting of John Wayne (the same image Wally George had on The Hot Seat, actually) sits in the corner by the entrance; various state flags line the top of the walls. A cigarette machine stands in the middle of the room and the light-up advertisement on top proclaims, "Winston. America's Best." And the drinks are stiff and cheap—one could imagine Hunter S. Thompson stumbling in and proclaiming he'd found the American Dream. And then getting his ass kicked by Hells Angels. Read more about Tustin Inn >>

  • Twisted Vine

    Twisted Vine

    127 W. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832
    714-871-1200 The beloved Fullerton enoteca serves a rotating variety of wines and beers, with small plates and a large variety of salads and sandwiches with which to soak them up. Read more about Twisted Vine >>

  • Ultra Suede

    Ultra Suede

    665 N. Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069
    310-659-4551 This West Hollywood gay bar features three dance floors and a consistently lively scene. Located on Robertson just off Santa Monica Boulevard, Ultra Suede draws a stylish mixed crowd eager to drink, dance and mix it up to bouncy pop tunes -- from Lady Gaga to Madonna and back to Gaga again. Make sure to check out the hotter-than-hell go-go dancers. Read more about Ultra Suede >>

  • Uncommon Burlesque at the Commonwealth Lounge

    112 E. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832

    http://Uncommon Burlesque at the Commonwealth Lounge (112 E. Commonwealth Ave.)

  • Uptown Bar & Grill

    2421 E. Artesia Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90805

  • V Room

    V Room

    918 E. 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802-1627

    http://V Room (918 E. 4th St.) The V Room is a bar in Long Beach. Despite the alcohol pouring cheaply and steadily for tattooed ruffians and scoundrels, this bar is where otherwise-rowdy punks head to hang their hats and have a mellow time in their own element. Sure, the bar flirts with the craft-cocktail world a bit, but it does so in its own way, with pisco sours for $6 and crafted martinis at the same price. There's also a variety of playful shots such as the Breakfast Shot--a mix of Jim Beam Maple, orange juice and a slice of bacon--and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fireball whiskey, RumChata, butterscotch schnapps and a graham cracker rim. Since the bar opens daily at 6 a.m., no other breakfast is needed for the day. No beers are on tap, but Tecate and PBR are $3 all day every day. Read more about V Room >>

  • The Vanguard

    6021 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

  • Venetian Gentlemen

    Venetian Gentlemen's Club

    1421 N. State College Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92806
    714-808-8500 Venetian Gentlemen’s Club is in Anaheim, which has always been the center of the strip-club industry in Orange County. Whether for of all the conventioneers and professional sports players who need to get their jollies after a day at the office or the city's working-class makeup—Latino or white, Asian or Arab, sometimes Tube8 just won't do and you need an actual girl whispering sweet nothings in your ear while loving you legally. And while the city has some long-established clubs, the relatively young Venetian Gentlemen's Club has already made its mark as the leader, not just for its gorgeous gals, not just for its classy atmosphere and proximity to the 91 freeway, but also for honest-to-goodness food and an affordable price point for dances—an important factor for its customers affected by the Great Recession. They are famous for their sushi bar, which isn’t a ghastly metaphor but an honest-to-goodness sushi bar—go figure! Read more about Venetian Gentlemen's Club >>

  • Venus Lounge

    Venus Lounge

    11572 Beach Blvd. Stanton, CA 90680
    714-898-9933 That the best bar food is served in strip clubs is an unsolved mystery of the universe, but gritty Venus Lounge holds up its end of the bargain. If you tire of the appetizers, there's always melon for dessert. Read more about Venus Lounge >>

  • Vermont Restaurant & Bar

    Vermont Restaurant & Bar

    1714 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027
    323-661-6163 Anchoring the commercial corridor of Vermont Avenue north of Sunset, Vermont (always lowercase) is like a stalwart, reliable friend. The owners often wander through the dining room, with its palmettos and pillars and gentle lighting, and they always like to chat. You may not be bowled over by anything you eat, but you'll be back. Plus, the stylish bar is one of the neighborhood's few upscale spots for cocktails. Read more about Vermont Restaurant & Bar >>

  • The Vex Arts L.A.

    The Vex Arts L.A.

    5240 Alhambra Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90032
    323-221-0971 Opened in fall 2012, this reincarnation of the legendary early-1980s E.L.A. punk club is in a new location but is still run by founder Joe Vex with the same spirit. Read more about The Vex Arts L.A. >>

  • The Virgil

    The Virgil

    4519 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029
    323-660-4540 Formerly the longtime rock den the Garage and then a dance club called Little Temple, the Virgil is the latest incarnation of this Silver Lake venue, which is owned by the same folks behind Zanzibar and the old Temple Bar. Newly reinvented as a specialty craft cocktail bar, the Virgil is divided into a "stage side," with live performances and DJs spinning everything from hip-hop and reggae to soul, deep house and world music, and a smaller "B-side bar," where happy hour occurs from Monday to Saturday. Mezcal Mondays feature special mezcal cocktails. The "urban zen" decor combines Chinese lanterns and candles with a Moroccan look in the lounge. The Virgil has several rooms, with two full bars. Ages 21 & over. Read more about The Virgil >>

  • Vitello

    Vitello's Italian Restaurant

    4349 Tujunga Ave. Studio City, CA 91604
    818-769-0905 Not only is Vitello's one of Studio City's most popular and romantic Italian restaurants, its upstairs lounge features top-flight traditional jazz legends, comedians and Broadway performers. Decked out in colorful Italian murals and jazzy artwork, the restaurant serves generous portions of classic Italian fare, including mostaccioli al forno, manicotti and pizzetti, much of it smothered in Vitello's famous red sauce. The downstairs Opera Room is a cozy space that includes Joe's Bar and spotlights smaller combos and chanteuses belting out standards, while the larger upstairs area, which boasts great sound and a baby grand piano, is reserved for big-name, straight-ahead jazz veterans, as well as comedy and Broadway revues. Full bar. All ages. Read more about Vitello's Italian Restaurant >>

  • Walnut Room

    1060 Walnut Ave. Tustin, CA 92780

    http://Walnut Room (1060 Walnut Ave.)

  • Westside Eclectic

    1323 A 3rd St. Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401

  • The Whale & Ale

    The Whale & Ale

    327 W. 7th St. San Pedro, CA 90731

  • Whisky A Go-Go

    Whisky A Go-Go

    8901 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069
    310-652-4202 Of all the clubs on the Sunset Strip, the Whisky a Go-Go has the longest history and the most impressive roster of legendary musicians who've played there. Johnny Rivers christened the room with its first live performance in 1964, and the two-level club was soon the main hangout for such influential local bands as the Byrds, Love, the Doors, Buffalo Springfield and a young Alice Cooper, as well as up-and-coming out-of-town acts like Led Zeppelin, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Velvet Underground, Cream and the late Otis Redding, who recorded a classic live album there. In the late 1970s, the club expanded its booking policy to encompass punk, new wave, power pop and heavy metal groups, including the Ramones, X, the Germs, the Alley Cats, Blondie, the Last, XTC, Dead Kennedys, the Quick, Van Halen, the Plimsouls and Quiet Riot. The Whisky was shuttered for several years in the early 1980s before reinventing itself once again, this time as a hot spot for the growing hair-metal scene, with bands like Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue and, later on, such grunge outfits as Mudhoney and Nirvana and punk veterans like Vice Squad. These days, various promoters use the site to book mostly new and unknown performers, with occasional visitations from bigger-name artists. While the cages that used to enclose its namesake go-go dancers above the stage are long gone, the Whisky a Go-Go still has much of the same layout as it did in the 1960s, with standing room on the dance floor and small tables in the upstairs balcony. Unlike so many local music venues, the nightclub has always had a powerful PA, making it one of the best places to hear live music in the city. There are two full bars, and most nights admission is available to people of all ages. Paid parking is available in the lot behind the club. Read more about Whisky A Go-Go >>

  • The White House Restaurant

    The White House Restaurant

    340 S. Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651-2112

  • The White House

    340 S. Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651

  • White Rooster Pub

    6072 Lincoln Ave. Cypress, CA 90630-5896

    http://White Rooster Pub (6072 Lincoln Ave.)

  • The Whitehouse Restaurant & Nightclub

    The Whitehouse Restaurant & Nightclub

    340 S. Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651

  • Willowick Cocktail Lounge

    3017 W. 5th St. Santa Ana, CA 92703

  • The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar

    The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar

    2647 Park Ave. Tustin, CA 92782-2707
    714-258-7600 Yvon Goetz used to be the chef at David Wilhelm's long-defunct but excellent Chat Noir. Goetz was the reason it was excellent. Now at his own place, Goetz gets even more creative and daring. His menu changes routinely, but a signature Alsatian pizza is always a staple. In it, gruyere, creme fraiche, onion and bacon fuse so well into a crisp flatbread rectangle it seems insufficient to just call it a pizza. Oysters are paired with a mignonette--as well as Tabasco, if you ask. A new English pea has spoonful after spoonful of lump crab meat, so rich that every sip must equal to one pat of butter. The halibut with clam entrée manages to be simultaneously froufrou and down-home at the same time. A roster of steaks comes with the sides à la carte, served onto your plate by obsequious wait-staff wearing vests. They'll pour sauces from dainty gravy boats and grind pepper from a ridiculously oversized mill, too. Yes, it's that kind of place--all dark and romantic with high-backed, leather-clad chairs; cozy, soft booths; and a decently talented live band should your feet get restless. You also notice there's a high concentration of signed Angels memorabilia the closer you get to the restroom. And your fellow diners are a weird mix of the casual, T-shirted dudes and the wine-twirling types who rent bottle lockers. Which one are you? Read more about The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar >>

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