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  • Barley Forge Brewing Co.

    2957 Randolph Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  • In-Store Beer Tasting

    250 Ogle St., Costa Mesa, CA Costa Mesa, CA 92627

  • Karl Strauss Brewery

    Karl Strauss Brewery

    901 S. Coast Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    714-546-BREW You can excuse most patrons of this Costa Mesa restaurant if all they concentrate on is getting hammered heavenly. After all, the Karl Strauss brewing process is so refined it could probably make a fine lager out of Santa Ana River water. But to obsess over their brews does disservice to their smoky steaks, surprisingly tasteful salads and magnificent hoagies. More >>

  • The Wine Lab

    The Wine Lab

    2937 Bristol St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  • The Yard House

    The Yard House

    1875 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA 92627
    949-642-0090 It can be argued the Yardhouse franchise is among the original gastropubs, with its emphasis on carefully crafted cuisine and unique mixed drinks. But Yardhouse is best-known for its vast beer selection, with 180 on tap. The selection changes slightly with the seasons, but a majority are available year-round. The Yardhouse also offers mixed drinks: cocktails, martinis, even beer combinations. The interior is dark, with rich, wooden booths and tables with low-slung lights hovering above. The best lighting can be found at the brushed, stainless-steel bar in the middle of the room, showing they know what matters here. Large, modern-art murals hang over black- leather booths, and there are more than a dozen flat-screen TVs spread throughout the room. The Yardhouse in Costa Mesa also features a patio that looks out onto Newport Boulevard. More >>