Hey, You!

  • So Long, Pedo Bear

    I know you must remember me. I definitely remember you. I was sipping cocktails on the back patio of Steamers when you walked by. We couldn't see... More >>

  • At Least You Weren't Driving

    I was at the Fullerton Transportation Center talking to my homeless friend around midnight on June 3. We had just attended the Fullerton City... More >>

  • Jabba the Boss

    For a so-called "boss," you're a dick. By your trying to trip me or punch me, even throwing stuff at me, while I'm in your employ, you're acting... More >>

  • When Nature Comes A-Knocking

    You're the hostess at the "upscale" pizza lounge in downtown Huntington Beach who refused my granddaughter access to the restroom since they're... More >>

  • Baker, Baker, Bake Me a Cake

    You're the baker who didn't want to make the penis cakes for my fiancee's bachelorette party, citing your Christian beliefs. You know the Sistine... More >>

  • Coyote Beautiful

    You're the coyote who is being hunted by all the pet owners in my neighborhood. I first heard of you from several fellow dog-walkers who,... More >>

  • Food's On Me

    I was in line at Bruce's Produce the other day, and you were the random guy who volunteered to pay for my $13.50 worth of food after the cashier... More >>

  • A Nanny Scorned

    This is how the conversation must have gone inside your head: "Gee, should we keep the new dog that has already sent three family members to the... More >>

  • Nacho Grande

    When I arrived at the restaurant last week, you were clearing tables on the patio and motioned us in. As we seated ourselves, you quickly and... More >>

  • Blind Lady Sings

    I'm old and disabled, and at times, I find riding the bus a bit daunting. A while back, I was on the No. 24 in Fullerton. The driver, a very nice... More >>

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