Hey, You!

  • Beat It

    You are the sick person who puts your used condoms in other peoples' mailboxes! Is that how you get off, you beat-off artist at large? You dwell... More >>

  • Inconvenient MC

    You were the rapper who got mad when I didn't want to buy your CD for $5 outside a 7-Eleven in Fullerton. I left the store toting a bag of cheap... More >>

  • You're Not Jehovah

    You're the guy dressed as a security guard who knocked on our door in Fullerton the other evening. White, 40s, receding light hair. White shirt,... More >>

  • Another Methy Situation

    You are a meth and heroin addict who dated my husband long ago. You milked him for a ton of money, a car and a ton of his stuff. And now, more... More >>

  • Señor Rita

    You are the fellow who rode a bike with a girly basket to the back of the Target center, crouched behind the shrubs, then shouted at the top of... More >>

  • You're a Complete Meth

    You are a meth addict who steals and lies. Okay, so your dad replaced my hair stuff, makeup and clothes you stole. But he can NEVER make up for... More >>

  • So Long, Pedo Bear

    I know you must remember me. I definitely remember you. I was sipping cocktails on the back patio of Steamers when you walked by. We couldn't see... More >>

  • At Least You Weren't Driving

    I was at the Fullerton Transportation Center talking to my homeless friend around midnight on June 3. We had just attended the Fullerton City... More >>

  • Jabba the Boss

    For a so-called "boss," you're a dick. By your trying to trip me or punch me, even throwing stuff at me, while I'm in your employ, you're acting... More >>

  • When Nature Comes A-Knocking

    You're the hostess at the "upscale" pizza lounge in downtown Huntington Beach who refused my granddaughter access to the restroom since they're... More >>

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