Hey, You!

  • Bros Must Go

    You are the bros who just took over our office building. You suck. You stand outside the building, chain-smoking through every work break,... More >>

  • Trivial Behavior

    I was guest-hosting as quizmaster at a Long Beach bar and grill for its weekly trivia night. You were on the team that gave an incomplete answer... More >>

  • Goodbye to All That

    To the friend we could always rely on for an impeccably timed but awesomely inappropriate joke: Goodbye to all that. You were the embodiment of... More >>

  • Barking Mad

    You're the neighbor who keeps your poor dog on a small patio all day while you go to work (or wherever else you go for hours at a time). Your dog... More >>

  • Not So Hot

    As a tenant renting space in your building, it's frustrating how little attention you pay to me and my neighbors who work hard and pay rent but... More >>

  • Get a Leash

    To the lady whose dogs were in the middle of a dark Orange Park Acres road: If I didn't hear the squealing of the brakes of the SUV in front of... More >>

  • Gimme Some Heat

    You are the lady who answers the phone at an Orange County plumbing and heating company. In November, you told us a part for our heater that one... More >>

  • Small Man, Big Vape

    You were the meathead with the big metal dick hanging out of your mouth, blowing a cloud of vapor as big as your lungs could muster. I was trying... More >>

  • Tattoo You

    You are the old man who walks around Huntington Beach, believing you are invisible. You babysit your girlfriend at the restaurant where she... More >>

  • Falling Down

    You're the guy who told me to "calm down; you're freakin' everyone out" after I explained to your friend he needs to go get checked by a... More >>

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