Hey, You!

  • Bossy Bus Lady

    This goes out to the female OCTA bus driver who drives the route I take each Sunday. You pulled up to the stop and parked sloppily more than a... More >>

  • Don't Look Now

    I saw you driving in the righthand lane, about to exit the 91 East onto Lakeview Avenue. Except you must have realized it was the wrong exit... More >>

  • Cookie Hater

    You were the man who decided to not simply decline my daughters' offer of Girl Scout cookies. No, you had to tell us why. You used to buy the... More >>

  • Road Rager

    To the female road rager I encountered this morning: I want to apologize for not jumping into oncoming traffic when you thought it was best to do... More >>

  • Ain't That America?

    You're the tow-truck guy who barked at one of the schoolkids who playfully whacked the corrugated-plastic towing-policy sign posted at the... More >>

  • Give Me Back My Porn

    I've asked you nicely before, and I'll ask you again: Give me back my porn. Yes, I can go on Tube8, Brazzers or even XTube to get my fix of... More >>

  • Jerkface Bouncer

    You were the jerk working the door at the Queen Mary's New Year's Eve event. You took a personal joy in being as rude as humanly possible. Never... More >>

  • Expensive Fish

    You're the genius who invented that annoying fish-eating penguins mobile app that my 7-year-old son discovered yesterday. I was at a New Year's... More >>

  • Unsubscribe Me

    Your wife included me in her chain email announcing your family's departure from Orange County. She elaborated about what a tough year it had... More >>

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