Hey, You!

  • Pizza Parkers

    You were the rude woman with the overfed and underexercised son sitting in your VW Jetta in the handicapped space, eating pizza at the District.... More >>

  • Lucky Ducky

    You were the two young men who stopped on Santiago Road early on Tuesday morning. One was driving in a black BMW, and the other, arriving 15... More >>

  • Don't Piss Where You Work

    Your appearance and body language tell me you're not originally from the U.S. and you probably haven't been here for long. Congratulations on... More >>

  • Orange You Happy?

    When I got out of a yoga class last Friday, I found you had left an "Orange" decal for my little orange car. I was parked near Tustin and... More >>

  • Training Day

    You're the author of "Placentia Peeper" [Hey, You!, March 28]. While doing our Placentia Fire Department truck area-familiarization training in... More >>

  • Jesus Jokes

    You were the short comic at the recent open mic whose strongest thematic material seemed to be embarrassing my two lady friends, what with your... More >>

  • Bus UnFare

    You are the person or persons who thought it would be okay to raise the bus fare from $55 per month to $69. How comfy you must be in your... More >>

  • Hit and Runner

    I was at the light at Jamboree and Back Bay Drive in Newport Beach around 3:45 in the afternoon. You were in the red BMW going westbound on... More >>

  • Placentia Peeper

    Hey, Placentia Fire Department, you´re revealing your voyeuristic tendencies. I was getting into the shower, but I had to madly re-dress... More >>

  • Brasshole

    You're the talkative old fella who sat down next to me at the Tustin Kean Coffee and started a conversation by declaring, "You know the only... More >>

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