Hey, You!

  • Ease Up, Hasselhoff

    You're the head Hasselhoff who has finally put in enough years to become the leader of the children's lifeguard summer camp that happens right... More >>

  • Here, Kitty!

    You are the neighbor, friend, boyfriend, fellow pet owner, homeless, rich, poor, out-of-towner, tourist, UPS worker, business owner, employee off... More >>

  • Step Right This Way

    You are the lady by the OCTA station at night with the sunglasses on and the yoga mat rolled up under your arm. There are a ton of really stupid... More >>

  • Christian Giving

    You are the good Christian who littered my OC Weekly with your pamphlet. Stop that. You took the time to go through every copy in the stack,... More >>

  • Make Like a Tree

    We ended our relationship under the most sordid of circumstances. We should have left things buried and moved on. However, I made the colossal... More >>

  • Anger Mismanagement

    You were the guy fighting with your girlfriend outside the 7-Eleven at Brookhurst and Stanford in Garden Grove. You thought you were a big man... More >>

  • Not a G'Day for a Roofie

    You were the shaved-headed Qantas flight attendant at the corner of the bar at the Tin Lizzie on Saturday, June 8. I was the tall, bearded... More >>

  • Graduation Day

    It was 35 years ago this month that I was walking toward the graduation ceremony when I came upon a commotion on Lemon Street, which separates... More >>

  • Biker Down!

    You were the three bicyclists who left my friend on the curb after crashing into her! It happened on Mother's Day on the sidewalk to the bridge... More >>

  • Speed Up for Charity

    First, I think it's really great that so many of you turned out to participate in the Tour of Long Beach. Pediatric cancer research is, indeed, a... More >>

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