Hey, You!

  • You Go, Joe

    You were the Regular Joe in line with the rest of us at the 7-Eleven on Dyer Road in Santa Ana. As a homeless man was shuffling past us all to... More >>

  • Hippie Alert

    You were obsessively polishing your precious car along the main drag of the Balboa Peninsula when I parked my small motorhome for five minutes to... More >>

  • Parenting Fail

    You were the wackadoodle at the front door of Whole Foods who I usually avoid by entering near the restaurant. Now, I don't care what your agenda... More >>

  • One More for the Road

    You were ejected Monday night from the tavern for inappropriate behavior. You were so drunk you couldn't even stand up. You then proceeded to... More >>

  • Yo, I'm Disabled

    You angrily swerved around us in your red Lexus and parked right in front of a business next to the Gold's Gym on 17th Street in Santa Ana. You... More >>

  • Doggy Drinking Decorum

    You were the sweet-looking lady who smiled at me while struggling to hold your bulldog over the drinking fountain so he could slobber all over... More >>

  • Mind the Line

    You're the douchebag, David Crosby-lookalike fisherman who was casting on Strand beach the other morning. You didn't bother to look in back of... More >>

  • You Dumb Puck

    You were the big knuckle-dragging oaf in line the other day at the Panda Express with an obvious distaste for children. I was a couple of people... More >>

  • Fury On Four Wheels

    You're the fella in the motorized scooter/chair who came barreling into the foyer of my building without any regard for who might be in the room.... More >>

  • Balloon Thief

    You are the mother who stole my son's balloon. We were enjoying our carousel ride at South Coast Plaza, and my 11-month-old waved and laughed. I... More >>

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