Hey, You!

  • Blinded By the Light

    You were the lady at the Alice Cooper concert at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. You were in the front row of the top balcony, and you had a... More >>

  • Bad Samaritan

    You were the insensitive, controlling idiot who misused the term "Good Samaritan" in a previous Hey, You! that you wrote in regards to the person... More >>

  • Kentucky-Fried Perv

    You know who you are, that paper-thin, whippet-like Charro Chicken delivery guy who puts bags of food (customers' orders!) on the ground and... More >>

  • The Horns On the Bus Go On and On

    You're the neighbor who unlawfully trespassed on my property and placed your letter of complaint in my mailbox—without the courage or... More >>

  • Family Movie From Hell

    You, sir, are the sole reason why kids today grow up to be disrespectful assholes. I was at the theater when you and your children sat next to... More >>

  • Lose My Number

    You are the telemarketers who have spoiled my great gig working from home with your nonstop calls on my land line, which I use for my job. Your... More >>

  • In-N-Out Rules

    You were the In-N-Out crew in Fullerton that was working on a recent Sunday afternoon. I placed my order, and when I got to the pay window, I had... More >>

  • Find a Bed

    You were the idiot taking a nap in a parked car with the engine running next to a neighborhood park, and you actually had the nerve to be angry... More >>

  • Take a Hike

    You're the ass-hat who rode his moped up and down the Peters Canyon trail Monday evening. Your noise and dust storm made the evening's hike a... More >>

  • I'm Only Sleeping

    I was taking a much-needed nap in the front seat of my car, parked that warm afternoon with the engine and AC on in the shade of a tree on the... More >>

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