Hey, You!

  • Flying Biker

    This is to the nice person who hit me on my bike at 11 p.m. on April 25 at the intersection of Mayfair and Maplewood in Orange. It was raining,... More >>

  • Pennysaver

    To the 10- or maybe 11-year-old girl who, without thinking twice, jumped up to help me pick up the 50-cent roll of pennies I dropped at the bank.... More >>

  • Pit Protector

    You were the long-haired stocky guy at the front of the stage at the Tech N9ne show at the Observatory last week. I brought my little brother,... More >>

  • Eggsasperation

    I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for not being able to console you during your recent negative dining experience. My understanding... More >>

  • Now You're Famous

    I was pulled over for a DUI on Sunday. I wasn't given my Miranda rights.  I am not sure how they confirmed I was under the influence; the... More >>

  • Mop Jock

    You're the muscled meathead who went on a vicious verbal rampage at the hapless employee at our Costa Mesa gym because he accidentally swiped... More >>

  • Feline Angry Today?

    You were the sour old man with gray hair along the side of the 15 freeway. We were driving back to Orange County from Las Vegas and saw you... More >>

  • [Hey, You!] Love 2 the 909s

    On a recent trip to Indio, I was struggling to carry several bulky items through a crowded store to the front registers. Not one, not two, but... More >>

  • K-9 Killer

    It's Monday afternoon, and you just ran over my neighbor's dog on Rancho Santiago and killed it. I saw the whole thing. You slowed down, but you... More >>

  • Let's Get Physical

    You were the sweet woman in a silver Toyota Camry that I rear-ended on PCH in Laguna Beach on a Friday at rush hour. Totally my bad. I think you... More >>

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