Hey, You!

  • Beach Bummer

    You're the woman who approached me and my two children at Fashion Island to announce, "We're saving the beaches this afternoon." When I realized... More >>

  • It Takes a Village to Buy a Corolla

    You are the family that constantly amazes us with its generosity and support. When it came time to get our daughter some reliable transportation... More >>

  • I Didn't Scratch Your Ride

    You left a crudely handwritten note on the windshield of my car, which was parked outside my orthopedic surgeon's office in Fountain Valley on... More >>

  • Not In My Front Yard

    To all you elitist, self-righteous xenophobes in Old Towne Orange who roped off "their" parking spaces in front of their homes using trash cans,... More >>

  • You're a Tool

    I wanted to tell your manager about the fuck nugget hiding in the tool aisle, but I decided to spare your reputation. Your co-worker, who was... More >>

  • Dial M for Moron

    You are the stupendously stupid person who wrote to the Weekly to complain about your neighbor, who is obviously engaging in both physical and... More >>

  • Go Text Yourself

    You were the idiot who caused the crash on the 55 freeway and Chapman Avenue that wrecked my car. Traffic was slow as usual, so you made the very... More >>

  • Karma Kats

    To whomever set out poisoned food for the many feral cats around here: Words are not enough. As irritating as all those strays are, were, there... More >>

  • Transgender Defender

    You were the cyclist who said he would beat me for being, as you phrased it, a "dude" and wearing women's clothing. Despite what others may lead... More >>

  • You Got Balls

    You were the old man at the dog park who was stealing tennis balls I had brought for all the dogs to play with. You thought it was perfectly... More >>

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