Hey, You!

  • Dirty Boots

    You are the owner of the wonderfully "sunny" cleaners behind an ampm in Anaheim. I must really thank you for the wonderful destruction job you... More >>

  • Klown Shoe Karma

    You are the clown who thought it would be cool to smash in my driver's-side mirror with your fist on a crisp November evening. Thanks for that,... More >>

  • Subpar Parking

    As the new manager of our apartment community, you should probably reconsider ticketing or towing our vehicles for parking violations when you... More >>

  • Costume Heroine

    You were the nice lady my girlfriend and I met at the Hot Topic store at MainPlace mall. We were last-minute costume shopping on Oct. 30, looking... More >>

  • Laptop Larceny

    This letter is directed to the person who decided to steal my laptop last week. Did you know I live on the streets? You must because I live in... More >>

  • Litterbuggers

    It really pisses me off to see people littering. Yesterday, as I was pulling out of the car wash off Beach and Warner in Huntington Beach, I saw... More >>

  • Love Is a Balloon

    Hey, you two guys making balloons in front of Disneyland. Thanks a lot for putting tons of smiles on all the kids' faces by handing out free... More >>

  • Burning Bush

    During my afternoon commute the other day, the normally free-flowing traffic on Santiago Canyon Road came to a stop. As I slowly rounded a curve,... More >>

  • Steal This Sign

    To the person who has been stealing the political signs in Costa Mesa and was allegedly caught on tape: THANK YOU. No, really, thank you for... More >>

  • Not Your Bro

    To the two white gentlemen who were walking behind me down First Street in Santa Ana last Tuesday: I'm not gonna sit here and talk about your... More >>

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