Hey, You!

  • Fuelish Behavior

    I ran out of gas and walked a block to get some more at the Arco station off Katella and State College Boulevard in Anaheim. You were the cashier... More >>

  • Public Service Without a Smile

    You are the very short owner of a local restaurant. I hear you are the mayor again, too. Even if you didn't depend on the public for an income,... More >>

  • Go Dump Yourself

    I was the dump-truck driver in Laguna, hauling mud and debris from the canyon during the recent rains. You were the yuppie fuck in the BMW X5 who... More >>

  • Doing the Do-Right Thing

    You were the three young people sitting on the curb of Pacific Avenue in Long Beach on a Friday night, and I was the man who, while hurriedly... More >>

  • Catch and Release That Bass!

    You're the guy who wandered into our apartment complex, smashed the rear window of my wife's car and stole her Rickenbacker bass at 5 a.m. We... More >>

  • Cart Attack!

    My husband and I were the next in a very long line at the only open register at Smart & Final. You were the last person in that same line. When... More >>

  • Race Skater

    You were the asshole who was with (I assume) your daughter at Fountain Valley Skating Center on New Year's Eve. I noticed the little girl you... More >>

  • Bah! Hum-bus!

    You were that Orange County Transit Authority bus driver who had to be cold and rude to me when I was helping my friend find a connecting bus. I... More >>

  • Buzzed Big Spender

    Dear idiot who came into the tattoo shop piss-face drunk on a Tuesday at 6 p.m., blabbering about some ridiculous tattoo you were thinking about... More >>

  • Miracle on La Paz Road

    I was in a hurry. It was very early. I was leaving to go on a long road trip to Baja just before Christmas. I’d gotten as far as San Diego... More >>

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