Hey, You!

  • No Frozen Yogurt? That's Cold

    You might not think it to look at me, but I am losing my house that I have worked my whole life for because it is going into foreclosure. Last... More >>

  • Not-So-Private Parts

    Yeah, you, the naked lady at the gym. I suppose in this day and age, when nobody gives a damn about privacy and people live their lives on the... More >>

  • You Sure Can Pick 'Em

    So, I was riding on the bus. Had a comfy front two-seater and my backpack, lunch, sweat shirt and water all neatly arranged around me. You sat... More >>

  • You've Got to Be Kidding

    You’re the mall owner/development company that thought ripping out the kiddie ride would be “progress.” We’re the family... More >>

  • Bassackwards

    You are the rapscallion who continues to leave your scatological mark on the edge of the toilet seat in our gentlemen’s room. I have... More >>

  • Finger-lickin' Bad

    You were the stupid, self-absorbed woman standing in front of me at the salad bar. Despite signs urging customers not to eat in line, you picked... More >>

  • Drop and Run

    Many thanks to the guy in the red, Dodge Magnum fleet car who rammed into me at the Jet Blue drop point at Long Beach Airport at 12:15 p.m. on... More >>

  • Foul Behavior

    You’re the obnoxious parent who threatened a coach at the youth baseball game, then broke the phone of the parent who called the police.... More >>

  • Go Cook Yourselves!

    To the five annoying women who every Friday morning invade the small, modest restaurant I work at, rain or shine: You collectively manage to ruin... More >>

  • Night Rider

    You were the crazy old bat in the wheelchair who nearly mowed down me and my family. We had just come from an evening of family entertainment,... More >>

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